The Beginning!

Hello my name is Jonathan ever since I was a younger kid I have always had an interest in the stock market.  I dreamed of making millions and millions of dollars in the stock market.  I wanted to be that guy who made there dreams come true working on Wall Street.  I actually went to school to become a stock broker.  Even though I graduated with a finance degree from college at that moment just didn’t want the pressure to manage other people’s money.  I didn’t have a problem losing my own money if that is what happened but I was afraid of losing other people’s money.  I went another direction and became a general manager at a laser tag facility another passion of mine.  I still dabble in the stock market but it was at the back burner and I had lots of ups and downs and didn’t really make much money from it so it stayed on the back burner.    Well I have moved on from my laser tag career and my passion for stocks and the stock market is still here in me!  So I have decided on this day I am going to do everything in my power to live out my passion and become a professional trader!  To Eventually make a living doing that.  I want to become extremely successful and give back to my community with big donations.  I want to live my dream out!  This is my story!  Follow along if you want to!

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