Eulogy writing.

Have you ever taken the time to write your own eulogy before.  How that works is you think  about what you would want to be said at your funeral.   If someone was going to give a talk about you what would they say.  What would you want to be remember for?  What would your friends say about you.  Would it be all good things?  Do you think a lot of people would show up for your funeral.  Would a bunch of people say they have been impacted greatly from you.  Would your family members say good things about you?  How about your wife/Husband would they say good things about you?    Really think hard about it.   Then write down in a couple of paragraphs what you would want said about you.  How close is your life now to compared to what you expect to be read at your funeral.  If you are miles apart then you should probably consider taking the time to change some things in your life before its too late.   If you want to change the world start making it happen and don’t stop until you can say your legacy is complete! For some of you that will be an ongoing process until it is time for you to pass on.    Have a wonderful day everyone keep on rocking!!

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I have been studying hard for the stock market.  I am preparing myself for this and I just know its going to be a wonderful Journey.   The Stock Market is a difficult challenge in that the majority of traders actually lose money. I won’t bother quoting the exact statistics of that, but I know I am still going to be successful I have great drive to make this happen. Stay tuned people stay tuned!

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The Beginning!

Hello my name is Jonathan ever since I was a younger kid I have always had an interest in the stock market.  I dreamed of making millions and millions of dollars in the stock market.  I wanted to be that guy who made there dreams come true working on Wall Street.  I actually went to school to become a stock broker.  Even though I graduated with a finance degree from college at that moment I just didn’t want the pressure to manage other people’s money.  I didn’t have a problem losing my own money if that is what happened but I was afraid of losing other people’s money.  I went another direction and became a general manager at a laser tag facility which is another passion of mine.  I still dabbled in the stock market but it was at the back burner and I had lots of ups and downs and didn’t really make much money from it so it stayed on the back burner.    Well I have moved on from my laser tag career and still my passion for stocks and the stock market is still here in me! and as most you have know I made a decision to do what I love.  So I have decided on this day I am going to do everything in my power to live out my passion and become a professional trader!  To Eventually make a living doing that.  I want to become extremely successful and give back to my community with big donations.  I want to live my dream out!  This is my story!  Follow along if you want to!

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